Will Fight For...

District 43

 The 43rd district is a collage of Louisville neighborhoods, such as Chickasaw, Portland and Phoenix Hill and small cities, such as Indian Hills, St. Matthews and Woodland Park, which encompass the realities of the racial diverse mix of the district.


Denise is the person of who is needed to benefit all residents of the 43rd district. 

Leadership Experience

Denise is a mother, small business owner, and community leader. These insights will guide her in representing her constituents in the 43rd district. Denise will represent District 43 in Frankfort by advocating for policies that empower all communities in the District.  


 Denise will support small businesses, public safety, criminal justice reform, and school choice for all residents of the 43rd district. She will also support as well as introduce legislation that utilizes scientifically supported and ecological supportive premise that would most adequately serve the 43rd district and our state.  

She has a passion to empower all of her communities by advocating for strong families for our children, better educational and career opportunities within the 43rd district and statewide. She will accomplish this through economic diversity driven legislation, the protection of our environment, the promotion of mental health, and the preservation of heritage throughout the district.  

Voice for Everyone

Denise will defy perception by truly representing ALL residentsof the 43rd district as opposed to the selected few. 

A vote for Denise Raine offers A Voice For Everyone!