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Thank You


June 1, 2018

To my supporters,

I would like to personally thank you everyone for your support to the campaign to elect Denise Raine to the 43rd District State Representative.

Your contribution, rather by walking with me or financially contributing, allowed us to begin to “Defy Perception” by getting our message out that I would have represented the 43rd District in Frankfort by advocating for policies that empower all communities in the District. I support small businesses, public safety, criminal justice reform, and school choice for all residents of the 43rd district.

I am a mother, small business owner, and community leader and lifelong resident of Louisville, and will continue to advocate for the conservative values of the constituents in the 43rd district. I really, appreciate your generosity through your time, finances, and efforts.

Let’s continue to pave the way for the influential motivation and reconstruction of our future generations, and next conservative leaders, all while holding steady our most core inner values.

As we close this campaign, I offer my opponent, Mr. Everett Corley, a thank you for a hard fought campaign and a best of luck in the November General Election.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.


Ms. Denise Raine


State Representative (43rd District)